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How to act in case of theft

How to act in case of theft


Non-violent robberies and thefts are increasingly common, especially in the holiday season, due to the economic crisis. However, they can occur in a variety of circumstances. In the following we will explain how to act and where to turn if a robbery or theft occurs at home, on a farm, in the street, in the car or in a hotel. Pay attention to the recommendations of the Police so that it doesn´t happen to you and that it never happens again.


  • Phone numbers that should be memorized: 091, 062 and 112.

The first thing you should do in case of theft or suspicion that theft has occurred is to contact the Security Forces. If you find yourself in a city call the police. Their telephone number is 091. If you live in a town or in a city that has no national police, call the Civil Guard aka Guardia Civil. Their number is 062. If in doubt, contact the emergency services by calling 112.

  • If they rob your house, do not touch anything.

If you arrive home and the door is forced open or it´s late in the morning, you should not go inside the house. Thieves might be inside. In this case, go to the street and call the police or the Guardia Civil as appropriate. They will come quickly to check what happened.

If you discover the robbery once you have entered the house, make a visual recognition of what you is missing. If thieves have taken appliances, jewellery, documents or any other type of good, make a list and take it to the police station. There they will need to file a complaint.

You will be asked to bring as much information and documentation possible. Do not worry if you do not bring all the documents at first. Later you can expand the complaint. In order to locate what has been robbed from you it is important that you attach receipts or brand names, models and descriptions of what you have stolen.

In the case of valuable jewellery, the police recommend taking pictures and keeping them at home. If you have been robbed and you have this graphic documentation it will be much easier to locate your stolen objects and, above all, to distinguish them in order to return them to their owner. Otherwise, if they are found the will most likely end up in a judicial deposit waiting for someone to claim them.

  • You will have to prove that it is NOT a false accusation.

Police and Civil Guard have a database where information concerning all the stolen property is saved. If any of your property appears, you can recover it. It is therefore essential that you bring with you all data information and possible documentation. It is important to prove that you are the owner of such property.

Sometimes, some people pose as victims when they are actually thieves. On the other hand, when you go to file a complaint, you will be asked if you have insurance from what that they have stolen from you. For example, if thieves break into your house, take or cause property damage, the insurance company may cover some expenses. It always depends on the type of insurance you have. Police also contact the insurance company concerned to rule out a false complaint.

  • In case of theft or attempted theft, do not forget to report.

Thefts that occur on the street are the most common. In this case it is important to differentiate between theft and robbery. The first refers to cases in which someone takes something from you without your knowledge. No force nor violence is used. If the value of what you have stolen does not exceed 400 euros it is considered a fault and not a crime. In the case of a robbery, however, violence or threat is used. This is always it considered a crime.

In the case of theft, if you something has been stolen from you on the street, on the subway or in any other circumstances and you don´t realize it till later, the most important thing is to place a complaint. Even in the case that they don’t manage to steal or take anything from you, but they have tried. “Often the citizen is not directed to the police station because it is a nuisance, but for us it is fundamental,” says the police.

If a purse, a mobile phone, a computer or a suitcase has been stolen from you, for example, you have to describe how it looks on the outside and inside. If you have photos, you attach them. In the case of mobile or ‘smartphone’, these have a code called IMEI. This is 15 numbers that can been obtained by dialling the following digits: * # 06 #. If you do not know the IMEI and lost your phone or it has been stolen you can you can obtain it by calling your phone company. It will be essential to lock and identify your phone if it appears.

  • A robbery at a hotel is equivalent to a robbery at a home.

If you are in a hotel, hostel, cottage or accommodation that is not your usual home and if a robbery has taken place, fault or crime shall be equivalent to a robbery that occurred at home. Therefore, you have to act in the same way. Contact the police or the Guardia Civil to make an inspection of the place where the events have happened.

First you can tell the staff where you are. If you’re in a hotel, warn them that you have have been robbed. In any case, do not touch anything. Leave everything as is for the Scientific Police to check fingerprints.

In this case the identification of the responsible is usually easier. Hotels and residential centres often have surveillance cameras that facilitate the work for investigators.

  • Thefts on farms.

A problem that is increasing due to the economic crisis are cases of theft on farms. Thieves often take machinery, animals and even vehicles. If a theft occurs on a farm or plot immediately call the police or the Guardia Civil. Do not touch anything, do not move things and leave everything as is. The team will look for traces of the thieves and thus will be easier to find them.

If you have machinery or vehicles that have been stolen you need to provide documentation. In the case of animals, it is much harder to prove that they are yours and that they are stolen. However, in some cases they tend to be identified. For example, dogs have a primer and also have ‘chips’ that could be used to locate them.

If you are a victim of theft please contact BERGER AND DOZET LAWYERS. For more information please contact us at 966 236 587 or

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